• Find information about the new Clearing and Settlement System (CASS) here.
  • Timelines about the CASS Launch, what is changing in the daily process and what actions members should take can be found here.

Getting in

The link to the production environment will be clearing.nordpoolgroup.com

You should have been assigned a username and password to log on the clearing application. If not, please contact us by clicking the link “Forgotten your password” from within the application. The clearing application uses a single-sign-on solution and supports both group users and individual users.


User functionality


Picking dates:

The date pickers allow you to choose the from and to delivery dates you view in the table. If you want to see for example the delivery dates (EFA calendar) between 01.07.2016 and 03.07.2016 in the table, select 01.07.2016 in the From box and 03.07.2016 in the To box. The trades view let you select a continuous 3-day delivery period at once, whereas the Settlement Items let you select up to a 35-day period.


Available data:

The Clearing UI contains data from the current and previous delivery month for trades, settlements and invoices. Users are recommended to extract all needed data on at least a monthly basis. Below is an example of the trade data available 13.08.2016. For collateral information, only current values are displayed.

Should you forget to do so and require this data please contact us.

Exporting to excel:

All data in the Clearing UI can be exported to excel by clicking the Excel-icon on the top right hand side. The data is exported in Excel (.xlsx) format in the same structure as displayed on the screen.

Rearranging, resizing and choosing columns:

All columns in the different pages in the Clearing UI can be rearranged, resized, added or hidden using simple drag and drop functionality. To resize a column, simply click and drag between two columns. To rearrange, click the column header you want to place a different place and drag it. To add or hide, open the column chooser to display the available fields which you can drag into the table, or drag and drop the fields you do not want displayed in the table into the column chooser.


Open and download invoices:

Any invoice can be opened by clicking the PDF-icon on each invoice row. If you wish to download multiple invoices, use the check-boxes to select the ones you wish to download and then click the “Download Selected Invoices” button at the bottom. This will download a zip-file with the chosen invoices that can be extracted at the users chosen destination.

Search any field:

Each table contains a search field that can be used to star search for any values in the table. There are examples below that demonstrate how this can be used. For example search for any “Buy” trades or trades that has a price of 31.00.

Help function:

By clicking the question mark in the upper right corner of a window will open dialog box where Nord Pool can be contacted. Feedback, comments, questions or other enquiries can be made through this integrated support function.


The left hand menu:

The menu on your left hand shows you the available pages of the Clearing UI. Click on the individual topic to navigate.


Home page:

The home page displays the current collateral status of your company. The status consists of three fields:

· Available Collateral being the posted collateral your company has for trading at Nord Pool’s markets.

· Collateral Call being the current collateral call you have to oblige with for being eligible for trading.

· Surplus/Deficit showing the surplus or deficit amount respectively. Being green means you have a surplus collateral while red means deficit.



In the trades page you’ll be able to search, view and export all trades. The following elements are available.



Delivery Date

The delivery day according to the EFA calendar.


The numeric code of the portfolio in the trading system.

Short Name

The name of the portfolio in the trading system.


The market the trade is made in (ex: NPSID)


The price area of the trade (ex: UK)


The currency of the trade (ex: GBP)


Either Buy, Sell or Zero.

Order Type

The order type behind the trade (ex: SingleHourly).

Delivery Start Time

The delivery start time of the trade

Delivery End Time

The delivery end time of the trade.


Status, completed or cancelled.

Trader Id

The name of the user who last modified the order in the trading system.

Product Code

The product code of the trade, see the product specification for details.

Trade Id

The unique trade id.


Volume of trade in MWh.

Unit Price



The amount/value of the trade (quantity*price).

Settlement Items:

The settlement items page shows you the details of what is being settled and invoiced. The following elements are available:



Delivery Date

The delivery day according to the EFA calendar.

Legal Entity Name

The name of the legal entity owning the settlement item.

Settlement Account Id

The settlement account to which the item is posted in the clearing system.

Originating Account Id

The account where the item originates. Either a trading account, fee account or tax account.


Either Trade, Fee or VAT.

Market Code

The market of the settlement item.

Area Code

The area of the settlement item if the item is a purchase or sale of physical energy.

Commodity Item

The type of settlement item (ex: Purchase, Sale, Trading Fee, Clearing Fee etc).


If the settlement item is a purchase or sale, the volume bought or sold.

Base Value

If the settlement item is a fee, the volume used to calculate the fee.


If the settlement item is a fee, the rate used to calculate the fee.


The value of the settlement item.

Currency Code

The currency of the settlement item.

Invoice Number

The invoice containing the settlement item.

Originating Legal Entity ID The organization number of the legal entity who owns the originating account
Originating Legal Entity Name The name of the legal entity who owns the originating account.


In the invoices page you’ll be able to view and export a list of your available invoices and self-billing invoices with the details as well as downloading single or multiple invoices. The following elements are available in the table.



Invoice Number

The unique invoice number

From Delivery Date

The first delivery date in the period on the invoice.

To Delivery Date

The last delivery date in the period on the invoice.

Total Amount

The total amount on the invoice.

Invoice Account

The invoice account in the clearing system.

Currency Code

The currency of the invoice.

Credit Bank Account

The bank account credited the amount (Nord Pool's or member's)

Debit Bank Account

The bank account debited the amount (Nord Pool's or member's)

Invoice Date

The generation date of the invoice.

Due Date

The due date of the invoice.


Click for single download.

Select to Download

Select for multiple download.


Click for viewing underlying settlement items.

Invoice details:

To view the underlying settlement items of an invoice and ease reconciliation, you can also use the details button which will redirect you to the settlement items and filter out the items on the invoice. 

Available Collateral:

The available collateral page will show the current values of the collateral you have posted for trading at Nord Pool’s markets regardless whether it is a Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee or Cash. The following elements will be available.


Margin Components:

The margin components page will show a breakdown of the different components behind the collateral call. With the fixed components (Base Collateral / minimum), variable (Trading Margin) and other (Extraordinary Margin if applicable). The following elements will be displayed.



Legal Entity

The member the margin component is issue towards.


Type of margin component (Base, Trading Margin etc.)


The currency the margin component is issued in.


The amount of the margin component.


The currency.

Last updated

The time the margin component was last issued/calculated.

Valid to

Expiry date when applicable.


The id of the margin component in the clearing system.

Cash Requirements:

The cash requirements page replaces today's bank margin and settlement report which is used by member who has a designated settlement bank. Your settlement bank has the same view and will confirm the balance on your behalf. For those members not using a designated settlement bank the page in the UI can be used for informative purposes. 



Cash Settlement Due Date

The due date of the settlement and value date of account balance.

Legal Entity

Name of the clearing responsible member.

Bank Account

Bank account number.


Currency of the bank account.

FX to CC

The exchange rate between the currency of the bank account and the collateral call currency. 

CC Currency

The currency of the collateral call.


Registered balance of the bank account.

Cash Settlements Due

Sum of cash settlements due on the bank account for the current due date.

CC to cover by cash The collateral call amount to cover by cash deposits on pledged account.

Total Cash Requirement

Cash requirement on bank account including settlement and collateral call to be covered by cash. 


Registered balance minus total cash requirement. 


Preliminary until bank account balance is updated at 08 CET on banking days.