FAQ - Clearing and Settlement System (CASS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Nord Pool’s efficient, simple and secure web-based Clearing and Settlement System (CASS).

When will the CASS Member Test site be available?

Access to the Member Test can be enabled by sending a request to the Nord Pool Support team at http://support.nordpoolgroup.com/

What are the links to the CASS platform?

Once users have activated their new SSO credentials they will be able to access both the CASS Member Test and the CASS Production platforms. 

        NOTE: There are separate sets of SSO credentials for CASS Member Test and the CASS Production platforms. 

Is CASS available in all markets?

Nord Pool is pleased to offer all members in our Nordic, Baltic and German markets access to our new and efficient web-based Clearing and Settlement System (CASS), which will come into use on January 17, 2017.

CASS was introduced to the UK market on September 6, 2016.

Can I have a group account for CASS?

Yes, group accounts or individual accounts can be set up for CASS. 

Accounts must be confirmed by the Trading Responsible and/or Settlement Responsible person at your company.

Is there a change to the calculation of the collateral requirement?

Yes, calculation of collateral requirement will be done through a new methodology. The minimum collateral of €30,000 will remain unchanged, however the trading dependent margin component will be replaced. The new methodology will use the sum of a member’s daily net MWh position, multiplied by the risk parameter and the day factor set by Nord Pool. No action is required by you to prepare for this. 

  • More information about CASS and updates to the Collateral Call methodology can in found in the appendix of the document here
  • A risk calculator is available here to assist you with the calculation of the daily trading margin.

When does CASS launch?

The CASS platform was launched in the Nordic, Baltic and German markets on Tuesday 17 January 2017 and in the UK market on Tuesday 6 September 2016.

What changes are there to Banking?


From Tuesday January 17, 2017, all payments/SWIFT messages will be routed via Nordea Bank AB Sweden, instead of Nordea Bank AS, Norway, which means there will be a new SWIFT/BIC address - NDEA SESS - for the payment service. This information has already been given to your designated Settlement Bank. If any action is needed by your, they should contact you.

Will invoices still be password encrypted with CASS?

No. The CASS User Interface uses Single Sign On (SSO), so once you have successfully logged into CASS,  you will have access to and be able to download all Invoices.

Will I still receive password protected emails?

You will no longer receive daily Invoice Statements and Margin-Settlement Reports distributed as password protected attachments by email. All invoices and results will be published in the Clearing Web portal – all current email recipients will be given user rights to the web platform. The Clearing Web portal uses a Single Sign On solution (SSO), meaning that users will only need to log on once to access all results.

Is historical data stored in CASS?

CASS will give you information about Trades, Settlement Items and Invoices from the current and previous calendar month, based on CET delivery days. Members are recommended to extract all needed data on at least a monthly basis as no data older than this will be available.

Is there an API available for CASS?

Yes, there is a Trade Capture API available to access your trade data. More information about access to Nord Pool APIs can be found here.

What Browsers are supported by CASS?

  • Chrome, latest release
  • FireFox, latest release
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11 and 10

For best performance, we recommend you use the Chrome browser.

Where can I find the CASS user guide?


The CASS User Guide is available here: https://support.nordpoolgroup.com/support/home

Where can I get support?

  • For all general inquires about CASS or the process described in this document, please contact the Nord Pool Support team at http://support.nordpoolgroup.com/
  • Further assistance can be obtained by contacting your Market Manager, listed here.