Download templates

To download templates to use when uploading Half Hourly orders, click the "Download templates" button in the lower left corner.

How to place a Half Hourly Order
Orders needs to be uploaded as an Excel file using our Half Hourly Excel template. There is no graphical user interface you can use to submit your orders.

You upload orders either by “drag and drop” of the excel file containing the order you want to upload, or by pressing the “Upload” button in the lower left corner, and then selecting the Excel file containing the order.


How to update a Half Hourly Order
If you want to update an order you have already placed, simply update the Half Hourly order in your Excel template, and re-upload the order. The previous order will then be replaced by the new one.

To verify that the order was updated correctly, download the latest version by clicking on the portfolio in the Order Overview Screen.