Placing a Half Hourly Order on DST short

During the spring Daylight Saving Time, you can place orders for 46 individual half hourly periods per day.

With CET/CEST time zone settings, the half hour periods between 02-03 have been removed which corresponds to:

  • Half Hour 3 -  delivery time: 02:00-02:30  removed
  • Half Hour 4  - delivery time: 02:30- 03:00 removed

Check your User Settings.

Download templates

On the DST day then the template can be downloaded directly from the Half Hourly Auction System

  1. Select the DST Long date from the the date picker, for example "Sunday March 25, 2018"
  2. Click the "Download templates" button in the lower left corner.

A sample of the Template in CET timezone to be used for placing Half Hourly orders is shown below:

NOTE: Changing the time zone setting between CET/CEST and GMT/BST will change the period column as shown below, but the Half Hours 3 and 4 are always removed.

More information about submitting Half Hourly Orders