You can to use the Desktop app for authentication.

To download the app, please visit, choose the version required by your operation system, and click download

Start the install process and follow the instructions on the installer. You will be prompted to set up the device to be used as a secure token by providing your cell phone number. It is important that this is the same number as submitted to Nord Pool for the app to be able to generate tokens.

To verify your setup you are asked to receive a verification code by SMS or a phone call.

Choose your preferred method to validate your device

  • Phone call - the app will display a 2 digit code that you will need to submit on a call you will receive within 30 seconds.
  • SMS - you will receive a SMS with a link you can follow, or manually type in the received registration code in the app.

When you account is validated the application looks like this:

Next time you log in to any Nord Pool system, you will be asked to approve the login from the app.