Step 1: Username and password

Enter your username and password for login as normal

After you click on Log In, you will be re-directed to the next step in the process for 2-Factor Authentication

Step 2: 2-Factor Authentication

OneTouch approval can be used as the primary authentication method:

In the mobile phone (Android), the following views appear:

Alternative methods:


Authy App (either Mobile App, a Chrome App installed or Windows app installed on computer)

The user can type or copy-paste the token from the app (mobile or chrome) and click Verify on the web page. If the token was correct, the user is taken to the application she was trying to access

One-Time Token delivered with SMS, Phone Call or email

If the user has no Authy App installed in any device or computer, cannot access them at the given time, or does not want to use them, she can always order a One-Time Token via the following delivery methods:

-SMS message (to the mobile number stored in Nord Pool user database)
-Phone call (to the mobile number stored in Nord Pool user database)
-Email (to the email stored in Nord Pool user database)


The user may request the Time-Based token to be delivered with an SMS by selecting this option from the dropdown list. The following screen is displayed, and the SMS contains the token to be used:

Phone Call:

An automated call is made to the mobile phone number of the user. The user is asked to press 1, if she was expecting this call from Nord Pool. After that, the One-Time Token is read one number at a time, and the code is repeated after it is read the first time. The following screen is displayed, and the user can type the token while it is being read on the phone:


An email is sent to the user, and the following screen is displayed: