Your user needs to have a portfolio activated for the Intraday Auction to be able to log in.

To request portfolios, please contact us on

Logging in

The platform utilizes Nord Pool's Single Sign On (SSO) with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA):

  • SSO makes it possible to access all Nord Pool products with one single user account.
  • 2FA is an extra security step to ensure the right person is accessing the account.
    To learn more about 2FA, please see this link.

Access the platform via (only member test is currently available).

The following screen appears:

  1. Type in your personal username and password.
  2. Click "Log in" .
  3. Provide your 2-Factor Authentication.

Password policy

The first time you sign into your SSO account you are asked to make a personal password.

The requirements for the password is:

  • At least eight characters
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least one uppercase letter
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character from the following        ! @ # & ( ) – [ { } ] : ; ' , ? / *

To reset your password, click on "Forgotten your password?" from the log in screen and follow the instructions on the screen.

Supported browsers

The platform supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11

JavaScript and Local Storage needs to be enabled.