Welcome to the help pages for the Day Ahead CWE auction platform. We are currently in the member test stage for Day Ahead CWE, 

The Day Ahead CWE auction is coupled in the PCR project meaning any orders submitted will be matched in a central algorithm shared by all power exchanges in the project.

To get started in Member Testing, please follow these steps

  1. Make sure your user is enabled for Day Ahead CWE Auction (click here for help)
  2. To access the Member Test environment, please visit https://auctions.test.nordpoolgroup.com
  3. Insert your username and password to log in (click here for log in help)
  4. Start sending in orders (click here for the user guide)

In our Day Ahead auction in CWE we currently offer curve orders, block orders and exclusive group orders submitted directly in our web platform or uploaded via Excel sheets.

  • Curve orders (also known as hourly orders) is described on our homepage here. One curve order is permitted in each area per portfolio.
  • Block orders is described here. The platform supports normal block orders, profile blocks and linked blocks. 100 block orders is permitted in each area per portfolio.
  • Exclusive group orders are described here. 5 Exclusive group orders are permitted in each area per portfolio (up to 24 blocks per group).

Once you are logged into one of our platforms, you can easily navigate all systems you have access to via the App Navigator as described here.

An API will be available for use with the CWE Auction and details will be posted here in the near future.