What are the Browser Requirements for the Platform?

The Day Ahead Web application supports the following web browsers (for best performance we recommend you use Chrome): 

  • Chrome latest release

  • Firefox latest release

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Internet Explorer 11


How do I get an user account?

If you are already a member of Nord Pool, please contact support@nordpoolgroup.com, for more information see this article.

How do User Setting work?

User settings are configured per computer and per browser, not per user. For information on how to configure your preferred time zone and decimal separator, please see this link.


Where do I find the Excel Templates for Order Entry?

The Excel templates are downloadable from the platform, click "download templates" in the bottom left corner. See this link for more information.

Which bid products are available?

In our Day Ahead auction in CWE we currently offer curve orders, block orders and exclusive group orders submitted directly in our web platform or uploaded via Excel sheets. 

  • Curve orders (also known as hourly orders) is described here. One curve order is permitted in each area per portfolio.
  • Block orders is described here. The platform supports normal block orders, profile blocks and linked blocks. 100 block orders is permitted in each area per portfolio.
  • Exclusive group orders are described here. 5 Exclusive group orders are permitted in each area per portfolio (up to 24 blocks per group).

When are Member Test results available?

Gate Closure Time in Member Test is 14:00 CET, results are normally available within 14:20 CET.

Is there an API available for use with the CWE Auction?

An API will be available for use with the CWE Auction and details will be posted here in the near future.