On the Home Screen you have the following options:

  1. Easily navigate between the Nord Pool systems (Auction system, Intraday, CASS, etc.). You will only be able to navigate across systems where you have approved access
  2. You are able to filter your view by using the calendar icon and drop down box within the filter panel on the left hand side, filter between
    • Auction Delivery Date
    • Auction (CWE Day Ahead, GB HH Auction, Intraday Auctions GER)
    • Order and Results view
    • Members (if you are registered to trade on behalf of multiple entities these can be selected here)
    • Portfolios (here you can choose the portfolio that you would like to use for submission/results)
    • Areas (here you can select from the market areas for which you have access)
  3. Access your User Settings by clicking on the name of your user
  4. Get help by clicking on the "?" (link to User Guide and contact information)
  5. Add your orders by clicking
    • "Add Curve" *
    • "Add Block" *
    • "Add Exclusive Group" *, or
  6. Add your orders by using the "Upload" button and import through already filled our Excel template
  7. "Download templates" to easily fill in multiple orders in an Excel template
  8. Download already entered orders "As Report"

Order counting lets you keep track of the numbers of placed orders in total, and of each order type