To change the User Settings, click on the user name in the Banner as shown in the picture below and a new window will open where you can change and save your preferences for Locale, Time Zone and Session inactivity timer. 

Important: settings per computer and browser

Be aware that all settings  are per computer and per browser, and not per user. If you are using a different browser or computer, remember to change the settings accordingly, as these will be set to default values.


  • Locale will set your preference for Date and Number formats
    • Example: 

      • If you have UK settings on your computer/Excel, the decimal separator is "."
      • If you have Norway set as your Locale setting, the Auctions platform will read "," as your decimal separator
      • In this case, the auction system would not read the values from your UK formatted Excel sheet as numbers. In order to have the system settings aligned with your local computer settings, change the Locale preference to "United Kingdom". Once you have selected your new locale preference, the system will give you the following warning: 

                                Click "Close" in the upper right corner and the page will automatically be re-loaded

  • Time Zone can be either CET/CEST (Central European Time / Central European Summer Time) or GMT/BST (Greenwich Mean Time / British Summer Time)
    • The time zone influences:
      • The time stamps displayed on the visualizations 
      • The start and stop times used for entering block orders directly in the platform (00:00 - 24:00 for CET/CEST and 23:00 - 23:00 for GMT/BST)
      • The time shown in the application bar
      • In the Excel template, and additional field is required for specifying the relevant time zone for the order(s)

  • Session -  The inactivity timeout can be enabled or disabled with this checkbox,
    • The platform has an automatic timeout after 15 minutes inactivity
    • To disable the inactivity timeout, simply tick off the setting 


            To save your settings, click "Close" in the upper right corner.