The user settings can be accessed by clicking on your user name in the top right section of the screen (as shown below).

There are five main categories.

1. General Preferences
Select your country in order to adjust the time zone and number formats.

Always show exact dates: Show exact vs approximate dates/time of orders/trades

Ask for confirmation when logging out: Turn confirmation pop-up on/off.

Number of Closed Hours: Select number of closed hours contracts to be displayed in the Market Information view.

2. Warning Preferences 
Set threshold limits for orders placed in the market. If orders exceed thresholds a warning pops up. Set the thresholds by clicking on the arrow and typing your preferred threshold limit.

3. Limit Preferences 
Limit Preferences allow users to set a fixed min/max price and max volume. This will prevent user from submitting orders outside of these limits. Set the limits by clicking on the arrow and typing your preferred limit.

4. Trading Preferences 

Submitting an order: Turn pop up confirmation for order submission on/off.

Activating all orders: Turn pop confirmation on/off each time all orders (my orders) are activated in the Order Book.

Set a default label when placing an order: Add text to the Label column in 'My Orders'.

5. Communication Preferences 

UI update interval and Stomp update interval:

Users have the option to configure update intervals. The option is applicable for any users who experience slow sending of orders due to high data traffic on the user interface. The update intervals will affect all market data and H2H capacity updates, but not the private order data.

Users might experience different issues depending on what type of data they are displaying on their UI and what type of hardware they are using. Therefore, the optimal update interval will differ from user to user. As a benchmark, 300 milliseconds (ms) will be seen by the human eye as instantaneous.


If you do not experience any slowness when sending orders, leave the setting as it is.

If you experience slow sending of orders, start by configuring the UI update interval to 200 ms. Test the experience while trading to measure the impact. Then try to adjust the UI update interval to 300ms and so on until you have found your optimal interval setting.

Nord Pool’s stress tests have shown best performance with UI update interval between 200 and 400ms and Stomp update interval set to 0 ms. Your experience may differ from this.

We encourage members to try out different settings and find your own optimal update intervals.