The market information window provides most of the live data for the market and is where trading takes place. You can choose between different product types and hide/show columns you would like to display. Changes made to the filters are saved in a cookie in your browser and are thus available at next login. Local products will appear in a light blue color compared to XBID (cross-border intraday) products, which appear in a darker blue color. In the following screenshots below, we see Quarter-Hour products (QH) [QH-48 to QH-65], Half-Hour products (HH) [HH-25 to HH-40] and Power-Hour products (PH) respectively. 

(Quarter-Hour products in TTG area)

(Half-Hour products in TTG area)

(Power-Hour products in 50Hz area)

In the screenshot above (Power-Hour products in 50Hz area), local products are from PH-01 to PH-12, whereas XBID products are from PH-13 to PH-24.

Column Descriptions


Displays the selected product types for the selected market area. If 'Product Delivery/Close Times' has been selected in the column group filter, the delivery/gate closure time is displayed in the market information.

Currently, QH products are only available in Germany. From the 22nd May 2023, 15 minute intraday products with be available for trade on the Nord Pool platform in the Nordic Areas of Denmark, Finland and Sweden, excluding Norway. However, these products will only be open for intrazonal trading, meaning that trading between price areas will not be possible until further notice.

DAM: Price of the corresponding product in the Day-Ahead auction Market


Bid and Ask columns will at all times show the best bid (buy) and ask (sell) price for the applicable instrument.

Note: The best orders will vary between different market areas depending on available transmission capacity.

Order Depth

The Order Depth column provides a graphical overview of the current order stack for each product. The Y-axis indicates the volume of an order relative to the other orders in the order depth. The X-axis indicates the spread of the order stack. Green represents bid and red represents ask. Hovering over the Order Depth indicator displays the Order Depth with up to ten orders.

Trade History

The trade history column provides a graphical overview of the trade history for each specific product.
  • dark blue dots indicate high/low/last traded price
  • light blue bars indicate the volume of each trade
  • the numbers show the price and volume of the last trade


Displays the highest and lowest price for each product.


These columns show the quantity, price information and time for the last trade of a product.

The arrows indicate the price movement compared to the previous trade.

VWAPVolume Weighted Average Price for each product

TurnoverTraded volume for each product in the selected market 

                Please note: Volumes traded cross border are displayed twice, i.e. in both the Sell and the Buy area if both legs of                     the trade belong to Nord Pool.


My Purchases/Sales

Qty: Total purchased/sold quantity for each product

Price: Volume Weighted Average Price of own Purchases/Sales for each product

'My Purchases/Sales' is calculated separately for each portfolio.

My Net

Qty: Net quantity for each product. Negative numbers indicate net sales.

Position: Net financial position for each product, based on purchases and sales.

'My Net' is calculated separately for each portfolio.

Expired Products

As you can see in the below screenshot, in General Preferences you can select the number of closed hours that you wish to be visible in the Market Information window.

In the Market Information window, scroll to the top in order to view closed products. In the below screenshot, the grey lines are closed contracts. 

Multi Market View

The market information view can be split to show up to three different areas/portfolios in one window. Click '+' to add another area/portfolio.

Alternatively the same portfolio can be duplicated and different products displayed next to each other.

Sorting products

In addition to splitting the market Information view, products can be sorted by clicking the icon and selecting 'Sort rows by product'. This stacks the products, showing first limit order products with descending granularity, thereafter block products.