There are two different ways to visualize the order depth of a specific product. The first one has been described in the previous chapter 'Market Information'.

Another way to display one or multiple order depths is to use the order depth section of the web client. It is situated on the right-hand side.

It is possible to display the order depth for multiple products by first selecting the product and then clicking the padlock.

This enables you to display the order depth of portfolios in different areas at the same time.

If you drag the Order Depth panel wide enough you may enable Portfolio column display.

In addition you can choose to view the trade history for the specific product by clicking 'TH' as shown in the example to the right for the product PH-13 in SE3.

It is also possible to trade and manage orders from within the order depth view.
In the order depth, the flags showing the origin of an order are not available anymore. But in the trade ticker, those flags are still showing.

The aggressor column (Agg.) is empty for Xbid products.

Own/Company orders highlighting - from 4.26.0 release onwards

Order Depth panel contains several indicators which allow you to better distinguish your own orders as well the orders from you own company's traders.

Your own orders will be highlighted with red(Ask) or green(Bid) cells fill.
Orders from traders from your own company will be filled with light-yellow.

Orders from other companies will not be highlighted - no fill in cells