All your Web Intraday Settings are stored on server side. Which means, your workspace(s) is saved as you log out from the platform. It will appear the same when you log in again.

Watch several Areas: It is possible to see several areas at the same time in Intraday Web.

The default setting is as below:

When clicking on the "+"at the top corner on the right, another area is displayed and you can choose the area you wish to see. You can choose as well to watch the associated capacities by clicking on the right handside arrow (as shown in below screenshot):That way it is possible to see up to 3 areas and capacities:

It is possible as well to restrict the number of areas down to 1 area, by clicking the "x" at the to right corner.

Create and save workspaces: As well it is possible to register your setting on a workspace and save up to 4 workspaces that can be open at the same time: