Picking dates:

The date pickers allow you to choose the from and to delivery dates you view in the table.  The trades view let you select current and previous month.


Available data:

Collateral Call: The last 12 Months

Trades: Current and previous month

Settlement Items: Current and last 3 months

Invoices: Current and last 2 months

Exporting to excel:

All data in the Clearing UI can be exported to excel by clicking the Excel-icon on the top right hand side. The data is exported in Excel (.xlsx) format in the same structure as displayed on the screen.

Rearranging, resizing and choosing columns:

All columns in the different pages in the Clearing UI can be rearranged, resized, added or hidden using simple drag and drop functionality. To resize a column, simply click and drag between two columns. To rearrange, click the column header you want to place a different place and drag it. To add or hide, open the column chooser to display the available fields which you can drag into the table, or drag and drop the fields you do not want displayed in the table into the column chooser.


Open and download invoices:

Any invoice can be opened by clicking the PDF-icon on each invoice row. If you wish to download multiple invoices, use the check-boxes to select the ones you wish to download and then click the “Download Selected Invoices” button at the bottom. This will download a zip-file with the chosen invoices that can be extracted at the users chosen destination.

Search any field:

Each table contains a search field that can be used to star search for any values in the table. There are examples below that demonstrate how this can be used. For example search for any “Sell” trades or trades that has a price of 31.00.