Selecting dates: use the date selector to define the From and To delivery dates you wish to view.  

All columns on the different tables in the platform can be rearranged, resized, added, or hidden using simple drag and drop functionality. 

Resize the columns: click on the column header divider and drag to the left or right. 

Rearrange the columns: click the column header and drag it to where you want it. 

Add or remove columns: open the Column Chooser icon to display the additional column choices. Drag the column you want to add to your view out of the column chooser. Or, to hide a column from the view, drag it into the Column Chooser.

Export to Excel: all data in the system can be exported to Excel by clicking the Excel icon on the top right-hand side. The data is exported in Excel (.xlsx) format in the same structure as displayed on the screen. 

Search any field: each table contains a search box that can be used to search for any values in the table. 

Currency: all items are grouped by currency

This grouping can be removed, if required. Right click anywhere on the grey Currency bar and the Ungroup options box will open. 

The currency grouping can be re-enabled by right clicking on the Currency column and then clicking 'Group by This Column' 


Note: please be aware that all settings are browser based, and not per user. If you are using a different browser, remember to change the settings accordingly, as these will be set to the default grouped settings.