To log in to Nord Pool's web-based platforms you will need to be set up with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). Nord Pool uses 2FA as an extra security step to authenticate the user trying to log in. 2FA means that the user will be asked to verify his login from a second source. This can be done with the following options:

  • Authy mobile app
    • Confirming a push notification
    • By checking a frequently changing one-time password from the app (Time-based OTP)
  • One-time password via SMS (to the mobile number stored in Nord Pool user database)
  • One-time password via Phone Call (to the phone number stored in Nord Pool user database)
  • One-time password via Email (to the email stored in Nord Pool user database)

How it works

Enter your username and password for login as normal.

After you click on Log In, you will be re-directed to the next step in the process for 2-Factor Authentication. Depending on which authentication method you have enabled, the following screen will look something like this:

If the user does not have the Authy App installed, or is not able to react to the push notification about an authentication attempt, it is always possible to confirm the login by inserting the code received via SMS, phone call, e-mail or Authy app (as a time-based OTP)