The N2EX Day Ahead Auction in the UK is a daily auction with physical delivery the following day (d+1). 

Gate closure time is 09:50 GMT / 10:50 CET and results are published at latest 10:00 GMT / 11:00 CET. 

We also offer a daily N2EX test auction with gate closure time 09:50 GMT / 10:50 CET with delivery day the following day. Results are usually published within a few minutes after gate closure.

Getting started

To get started, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your user is enabled for the auction (contact Support if you need access)
  2. Visit the platform following the system links at the bottom of this page
  3. Insert your username and password to log in (click here for log in help)
  4. Start sending in orders, see User Guide at the bottom of this page

Available Products

We currently offer curve orders, block orders and exclusive group orders submitted directly in our web platform or uploaded via Excel sheets.

  • Curve orders (also known as hourly orders) is described here. One curve order is permitted in each area per portfolio.
  • Block orders is described here. The platform supports normal block orders, profile blocks, linked blocks and spread blocks
  • Exclusive group orders are described here

NOTE:  Always check the Product Specifications on the Nord Pool website under Rules and Regulations for latest information on order types, portfolio restrictions and number of orders supported per Market.

North Sea Link (NSL)

After the official go-live of the NSL cable, members in NO2 will have the option to submit bids that can be matched in UK and vice versa given that there is capacity available on the NLS cable. This will not lead to any significant operational changes for our UK members already using the N2EX auction, except that the product code will change from N2EX_DA_1 to N2EX_DA_2

The first N2EX Auction using the updated N2EX_DA_2 product code will be held on Thursday 23rd September 2021 for delivery Friday 24th September 2021. 

Note that Thursday 23rd September 2021 is the technical go-live, meaning there will still be zero capacities offered on the NSL cable until the official go-live date, which is delivery day 1st October 2021.

Preliminary and Final results

Form 23rd of September 2021, the NSL cable and its addition to the N2EX auction is in the technical go-live phase. As a consequence of that, from the 23rd September 2021 onward, the results, noticeably the flow on the cable, will have to be validated by the TSOs, Statnett and National Grid, before they are final. 


This means that the results that are first received is the preliminary results. These are published at the same time as N2EX results were published before the introduction of NSL. These preliminary results still needs to be approved and validated by the TSOs. On a normal day, this will happen before 11:00 CET


This is different from how the N2EX results were published previously, as there were no preliminary results, only final. 

Participants in the SDAC Auction and the UK DA market when it was still coupled will be familiar with the concept. 

API Access

A JSON API is available for the N2EX Day Ahead UK Auction. Documentation can be found here. 

System Links

User Guide