Once results from the auction are published the "Results" button is enabled. Click "Results" to see all auction results split by portfolio.

To view the results per portfolio, select the portfolio within the filter panel on the left hand side of the screen. The schedule for the delivery day shows up. Click on "Export" to export results to Excel.

Explanation for column headers:

  • Times: Delivery time
  • Price: Area price
  • Total volume: Graphical representation of the realised volume
  • Total: Total realised volume (curve orders + blocks + exclusive groups)
  • Curve: Realised volume for curve orders only
  • Block: Realised volume for block orders only
  • Curt: Curtailed volume

Click on "Blocks" to see block results.

Under the "Status" column you can see if your block was accepted or not.

  • Realised: the block was accepted.
  • Not realised: the block was not accepted.
  • Paradoxically Rejected: the block was not accepted *

* When a block is paradoxically rejected it is rejected even though at the given market prices it should have been accepted. It is not possible to include the block into the solution without modifying the prices to such an extent that the block is rejected at the new prices. This is the definition of a paradoxically rejected block (PRB).