Volume limits is a new risk management feature in the Auction system allowing the member to define portfolio specific volume limits on each underlying delivery area for curve orders/single hourly orders per MTU. Volume Limits are voluntary for Nord Pool members, but we encourage our members to familiarize with the feature. Volume Limits are available for all Auctions in the Auction platform.

  • Limit setting and modification will be available through the Trading UI for users with trading responsible access only.
  • Regular user accounts will have access to view the Trading Limits. 
  • Operators at the trading desk will have access to portfolio limits for monitoring and to make changes to the limits if needed on behalf of member. 

We encourage to limit the number of users with trading responsible access, i.e. to the market participant trading responsible. To activate trading responsible access for a user, please send a request to support@nordpoolgroup.com. 

Any order breaching the Trading Limits would be rejected automatically with a normal "order rejected" message to the user.  

Please note that the responsibility to submit correct orders lies with the members and that unintentional errors or ignorance can be seen as market manipulation under REMIT Article 5 (or NEM ยง5-4 in Norway). In case of a technical problem preventing Nord Pool from checking a placed order against the volume limits, the member remains responsible to ensure the order is correct.

Volume Limits main view (regular trader access)

1. Click on the volume limit button in the main view to access the Volume Limits view

2. Volume Limits counting lets you keep track of the number of portfolio with volume limits

3. It is possible to filter volume limits on portfolio and area level

4. Click on the headings to sort the volume limit list

Volume Limits main view (trading responsible access)

Only the trading responsible can add, edit or cancel the volume limits in the Volume Limit view

5. Add new Volume Limits

6. Change existing Volume Limits

7. Delete existing Volume Limits

Add new volume Limits

To add a new Volume Limit, select Portfolio, Area and define at least one Volume Limit (Min or Max MW per MTU) before clicking "Submit".

Volume Limits Examples:

  • To restrict a portfolio to BUY only, set Curve Min to "0"
  • To restrict a portfolio to SELL only, set Curve Max to "0"

A green pop-up notification will appear confirming the successful creating of a new Volume Limit.

Change existing Volume Limits

When clicking on the "change" icon, a pop-up window will appear and the Volume Limits for the predefined Portfolio and Area can be adjusted. Once changes are done, click "submit" to save the new changes.

Delete existing Volume Limits 

Click on the trashcan icon for the relevant portfolio. A pop-up box will appear, click "yes" to confirm. 

- a pop-up box will appear where you will have to 

A green pop-up notification will appear confirming the successful cancellation of the Volume Limits.

Placing orders in a portfolio with Trading Limits

If the order is exceeding the predefined Trading Limits in a portfolio, a red pop-up notification will appear indication why the order is not successfully submitted.  

More information about the product specifications can be found here: [LINK]