Download Excel sheets as explained in introduction to Excel templates.

Find the sheet named "[portfolio name] Exclusive" and make your personalized bids:

Exclusive Group Orders

  • Name: choose a unique name for each of your blocks.
  • From and To: Indicates the start and stop time of the block.
  • Volume: MW to bid for the selected period.
  • Price: Strike price for selected block.
  • Minimum acceptance ratio %: A defined percentage that the block can be curtailed down to.
  • Exclusive Group: Insert the name of the Exclusive Group you want this block to be a part of.

What is an Exclusive Group? 

An Exclusive Group is a group of Block Orders of which maximum of one will be activated.

  • Acceptance rules are the same as for regular Blocks
  • A sales Block will be accepted if the average price is higher than that which you have defined as your minimum price, and vice versa for buy Blocks
  • If you have several Blocks in your Exclusive Group which are within your price limit, the Block giving the highest social welfare will be accepted
  • A Block can be partially accepted if you have defined a Minimum Acceptance Ratio below 100%
  • Blocks in an Exclusive Group can be paradoxically rejected

Exclusive Group rules:

  • The limit on number of exclusive groups and blocks within exclusive groups are found in the product specifications for our respective markets, found here
  • You can add a profile and Minimum Acceptance Ratio to the Blocks in your Exclusive Group
  • Blocks in an Exclusive Groups cannot be linked